€ 69,95 € 50,00


€ 69,95 € 50,00

Note from the Designer: with these classy, glossy black sunglasses by PERVERSE you´re even going green! Not only does the distinctive nose and svelte metal bridge make these glasses unique, but also the material that they are made off. They are made with love using biodegradable plastic.


With the black gradient glasses they are the perfect clubmasters. Plus handy when reading a book on a sunny terrace. The lower part of the glasses makes it easy to read, while the upper part blocks the sun.



PERVERSE sunnies are partially (and happily) handmade. Just like you, no two are the same and their variations make them uniquely beautiful.

Width: 142mm

Height: 54.3mm

Nose Gap: 20.3mm

Sunglass Size: Standard

Frame Material: CX: BPA-free Copolyester

Lens Material: Polycarbonate

UV Rating: UV400

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Also very handy

Because your PERVERSE sunnies have a spirit animal, and it’s a sexy little kitty pouch that doubles as a feisty clutch. Purrific pouch protects your sunglasses as cuddly cat ears add panache. Bet you are not the only one with a big smile on your face, when you take out this special PERVERSE pouch.


Fits all PERVERSE sunglasses that U&I in the City sells. It can actually take two of them at the same time. Very handy if you are stuck to all those different types of glasses like us: reading, sun, normal prescription ... 


Dimensions: 17x10x5 cm(wxhxd)

Colours: shiny black, silver, gold or rose gold