€ 10,00


€ 10,00

Looking for an original present that will give your friend a fun day out in Amsterdam? Or just want to know more about the city? Take these 3 tours that will show you all the beautiful and fun spots in the city centre. You can walk through the old town, go via the Jordaan to the 9 streets and end up at the Flowermarket. It's up to you where you jump in or out of a tour and just relax on the many terraces that you will meet along the way.

The set comes in Dutch or English and includes the following tourcards:
- The Old Town
- Canal District West
- The Jordaan 

Every tour takes around 2 to 3 hours and can be used to write your own highlights on. Share them with your friends and family by mailing this card and the included envelop. Or keep the card as a fun memory. If you choose for the stamp service we will make sure all 3 envelops already have a stamp for sending it either to a Dutch address or abroad.

Go and found out why the Dutch keep their curtains open :-).

Or maybe you like this better?

Also very handy

You can send the U&I in the City tour&card as a gift or inspire others with the highlights of your tour. If you order stamp service we'll make sure the envelop includes a stamp for sending the card either to a Dutch address or abroad.

This stamp service is set up for one tour&card and can only be ordered in combination with a U&I in the City tour&card. If you want to post more than one tour&card, please order the same amount of stamp services.  



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Rain is rain and never fun. But the umbrella with the Imperial Crown from Amsterdam will improve your mood instantly and that's a promise. You'd even wish it wouldn't stop raining and keep it open forever. The good thing is that with its compact size it fits easily in any bag or backpack. And if - or should we say when :-) - it starts raining again the umbrella opens by a press on a button.


More than 500 years ago the Austrian Emperor Maximilian I granted the Imperial Crown to Amsterdam for her loyalty and financial support to him. This crown was one of the first quality marks in the world and gave Amsterdam a very reliable image. That was good for business and provided the base for the city's growth. It's therefore not strange that you'll find this crown on many different spots in Amsterdam. Even on top of the lampposts!


Non-slip, black design handle - for a perfect grip
Compact with a carry strap built into it
High quality
Self opening and closing at a press of a button.
Dimension: diameter of 95cm, closed 28x3,5x3,5cm
Black metal frame with fiberglass ribs that flex slightly to withstand gusts of wind
Travel sleeve included


Enjoy the shelter of this beautiful umbrella and who knows maybe you will be also singing and tap-dancing in the rain.