€ 3,95


€ 3,95

You start with a free ferry to the hot spots of Amsterdam North before heading out to see a more rural side of the city in Buiksloot and Nieuwendam. These two picturesque villages have been a part of Amsterdam since 1921. When you go there it’s as if time has stood still. As you bike through you’ll see an old chalk mill, 17th century dyke houses and a cute little harbour. After another free ferry ride you’ll end up in the old harbour district on the Eastern Islands. Architecture has played an important role in the development of this area. On the beautiful quays you’ll get a sense of the great shipping history of Amsterdam. You end with a fantastic view of the IJ River.


The biking tour takes up to 2.5 hours and starts at Central Station. The end of the tour is at the Muziekgebouw aan 't IJ.


The card is available in Dutch and English. On the card there is space to write and an envelope is attached. You can send the card as a gift or inspire others with the highlights of your tour. If you order the stamp service we willl make sure the envelop has a stamp for sending the card to a Dutch address or abroad.


Especially nice for Amsterdammers who want to view their city in a new way!

Or maybe you like this better?

Also very handy

You can send the U&I in the City tour&card as a gift or inspire others with the highlights of your tour. If you order stamp service we'll make sure the envelop includes a stamp for sending the card either to a Dutch address or abroad.

This stamp service is set up for one tour&card and can only be ordered in combination with a U&I in the City tour&card. If you want to post more than one tour&card, please order the same amount of stamp services.  


A bottle that makes you happy! As a wise woman once said, "a smile is a curve that sets everything straight." Not only the outside but also the philosophy behind the bottle will make you happy. Mizu is the Japanese word for water, and that's what matters at Mizu: drinking water during your outdoor activities. But not from disposable plastic bottles that pollute the oceans, mountains and parks but from a beautifully designed bottle which is made of 25% recycled material, such as parts of refrigerators and cars. Protecting were we play, for now and the future.


And why would you buy water in a disposable plastic bottle? Tap water is pure, without any transportation that costs resources and causes CO2 emissions, and also is much cheaper. In many different ways the Mizu water bottle is an investment in the future.


The bottle is made of a 18/8 stainless steel, which means that there is 18% chromium and 8% nickel added in order to make the steel stainless. So indestructible and no chemical substances such as Bisphenol-A (BPA) will come into your water. Moreover, the material ensures that your water has no metallic taste. Lifetime is the verdict of the bottle so you also get a lifetime warranty :-)


For the thirsty and conscious sportsman, hiker, city lover, shopper or fashionista who is also looking for a cool design this water bottle is a must! It is available in the colors soft touch black and mint.


Don't forget the Mizu sports cap that will make it easy to use the Mizu bottle during your excercises.


To sum up the benefits of the Mizu M5 U&I in the City bottle: 
The alternative to disposable plastic bottles
Takes up to 500 ml
Weights only 175g 
Made of stainless steel, so indestructible, tasteless and odorless 
Suitable as bidon
100% BPA-free, so no harmful substances in your water


The bottle is dishwasher safe but for the preservation of the color and print, it is better to wash the bottle by hand. Before use rinse the bottle a couple of times with water and detergent.