€ 3,95


€ 3,95

Looking for an original present that will give your friend a fun day out in Amsterdam? Or just want to know more about the city? With this tourcard you’ll discover the oldest part of Amsterdam and the places where it all began by feet. You’ll see famous spots like the Royal Palace, the Old Church, our beautiful old canals, the Rembrandt House and the Waterloo Square, but also the quiet parts of the city centre where the people of Amsterdam still own the streets. The Old Town is as lively today as it was hundreds of years ago. With its numerous restaurants, bars and terraces, you’ll enjoy the atmosphere and people just as much as the canals and the historical buildings.


The card is available in Dutch and English. On the card there is space to write and an envelope is attached. You can send the card as a gift or inspire others with the highlights of your tour. If you choose for the stamp service we will make sure there is a stamp already on the envelope either for sending it to an address in the Netherlands or abroad.

Especially nice for Amsterdammers who want to view their city in a new way!

Or maybe you like this better?

Also very handy

You can send the U&I in the City tour&card as a gift or inspire others with the highlights of your tour. If you order stamp service we'll make sure the envelop includes a stamp for sending the card either to a Dutch address or abroad.

This stamp service is set up for one tour&card and can only be ordered in combination with a U&I in the City tour&card. If you want to post more than one tour&card, please order the same amount of stamp services.  

Rain is rain and never fun. But the umbrella with these Captains' houses from Amsterdam will improve your mood instantly. You'd even wish that the rain would never stop and keep on enjoying this nice view. And when you are finally ready to put it away, you can easily fit the umbrella in any bag or backpack. If - or should we say when :-) - it starts raining again the umbrella opens by a press on a button.


The Step-gables and Clock-gables of these captains' houses are a perfect reminder of the beautiful variety of rooftops in Amsterdam. They come in many different shapes thanks to the always changing fashion. So bring the umbrella with you on your next trip. How fun is it to take the Western Islands tour and meet the Captains' houses in the flesh. And if you are planning to give the umbrella as a present, you can also order the tourcard Western Islands for a nice price. I am sure you will not find a more original Amsterdam present anywhere else.


Is Amsterdam your home town or you've just visited it? The umbrella will for sure bring good memories back of the city.


High quality
Non-slip, black design handle - for a perfect grip
Compact with a carry strap built into it
Self opening and closing at a press of a button
Dimension: diameter of 95cm
Black metal frame with fiberglass ribs that flex slightly to withstand gusts of wind
Travel sleeve included


Enjoy the shelter of this beautiful umbrella and who knows maybe you will be also singing and tap-dancing in the rain.